Affordable Connectivity Program

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill provided over 14 billion dollars to ensure affordable broadband. With the ACP, you can save up to $30 a month on your current or qualifying internet plan! Check out the qualifications here and if you need any assistance applying, you can chat with someone here

IRS Savings Calculator from Rewiring America

The Inflation Reduction Act, the most significant investment  ever in our climate, is helping to make the transition to clean energy affordable. Whether you are a renter or homeowner, use this great tool from our partners at Rewiring America to see all the benefits you may qualify for and how much you’ll save! Afterwards they will provide you with more information on the programs and tools to get you started.

Home Energy Assessments

A home energy assessment is the best place to start if you want to reduce your energy use and bill. It is also required to access all of the home improvement savings from the IRA. This assessment by a local contractor determines energy inefficiencies in your home, allowing you to identify where to make improvements to save money on your energy bill. There is currently a $150 tax credit for energy assessment, making the average cost around $350. To qualify, you must have the assessment done by a home energy auditor and supply a written report.Learn more about home energy assessments here and then follow the link above to find a local contractor.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an efficient all-electric alternative to typical air conditioners and furnaces. Under the IRA, there are tax credits that make them a much more affordable transition. Learn more about the different types of heat pumps, the best choice for you, and where to find one.

Insulation and Efficiency

The IRA provides incentives for home efficiency projects such as insulation, upgraded windows and doors, and weatherization improvements, making them affordable in the long run.. This fact sheet from our partners at Rewiring America provides additional information on the credits, options, and requirements for home efficiency projects. If you need assistance with funding, you can see if you qualify for Wisconsin’s weatherization assistance program from the U.S. Department of Energy here.

Transition to Solar

The cost of transitioning to solar has been decreasing every year since 2009, and now, with the IRA, households can receive a tax credit of 30% by making the switch. In addition to reducing your carbon production, solar will cut your energy bill.

Energy Efficient Appliances

The IRA provides tax credits of up to 30% for transitioning to energy- efficient appliances in your household. Energy Star is a federally-funded labeling program that identifies the most efficient products on the market. If you need to replace any home appliance, follow the link above to find an appliance upgrade that will save you money in the long run.

Electric Vehicles

Through the IRA, individuals looking to purchase an electric vehicle are eligible for up to $7,500 in tax incentives. If you recently purchased an electric or plug-in hybrid car, you may still qualify for a tax credit as well.

American Climate Corps

President Biden created the American Climate Corps to offer paid training and service programs for our younger generations in climate jobs.