Current Landscape

Over the course of Just two years, the Biden-Harris administration has enacted the most transformative economic agenda since FDR. This agenda means improved infrastructure and investments in your neighborhood, thousands of new good-paying union jobs, opportunities to save on prescription drugs and your energy bill, and much more. The Inflation Reduction Act, American Rescue Plan, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and more are game-changing investments for communities in WI, especially those that have been historically left behind.

About Us

The State of Wisconsin is viewed as a microcosm of the United States, in both a civic and economic sense. The state has also been a testing ground for ideas on how we may best function as a society- a notion that is no more apparent than The Wisconsin Idea which pushed policy makers to be mindful of collective impact. Unfortunately, some experiments have landed us on the wrong side of progress. We have been a model for both social programs and social progress, but also regression when ill intent or poor leadership led the day.

If done right, with intentionality, the new federal investments in states and communities will be game changing, especially for so many who have historically been left behind. The opportunity ahead of us can only reach its fullest potential with a thorough and thoughtful understanding of how the state functions, the people, and myriad unique complexities that with the right approach may ultimately prove to be the most significant assets.

The purpose of Forward Together Wisconsin (FTW) is to create a new model for how organizations can best interact as a liaison between community members and federal investments to ensure these dollars are spent. We are a 501(c)(3) organization operating exclusively for charitable and educational purposes including, but not limited to, conducting research on federal investments in WI, educating the general public on accessing said investments, and assisting the general public with technical and financial needs to access the federal funds. 

Our Mission

Forward Together Wisconsin (FTW) exists to seize this unique once in-a-lifetime opportunity to make real progress in Wisconsin by ensuring these dollars are spent and that their impact is both felt and recognized by communities across the state, especially communities of color, working class families, Tribal communities, and rural communities. Not only do we seek to promote the positive impacts of these investments, we will also help make these stories a reality for Wisconsinites by directly connecting and providing assistance to communities to enroll in these programs.

Educate Communities Educate Communities

Ensure people understand the impacts of the investments

Connect Communities Connect Communities

Directly link benefits from the Biden-Harris Administration to Wisconsinites

Implementing Implementing

Focusing on disadvantaged and disenfranchised communities, provide additional resources to aid in implementation